Kipper and Hannah

As always I’m catching up on some old posts. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon (in January!) and I thought I’d sit out on the porch and blog a bit.
Anyway, Kipper and Hannah are our now former neighbors. They lived across the hall from us in our old apartment. We loved, loved, loved living there and became good friends with everyone in the building. We love our new place, but we sure do miss these awesome friends!
Kipper and Hannah got married in October 2012 and since we couldn’t be in two places at the same time, we had to miss it. (We were at our friends Walt and Ashly’s wedding in SC – post from that wedding to come!) Back in the spring, Kipper and Hannah asked if I’d be willing to take some engagement photos for them, and I was honored. These two are just a lot of fun (I mean, a LOT of fun). If you’ve been around Asheville for a while, you probably know, or know of, Kipper. He runs the most successful trivia night in town and is a killer DJ (has won the Mountain Xpress Best Of for both several times). Hannah is a total sweetheart, very fun, and beautiful to boot. We didn’t shoot for long- Hannah is pretty camera shy (I totally don’t know why!) so we kept i quick and simple. Enjoy! (PS – we took these outside our apartment building, in the beautiful Montford neighborhood.)





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