Jamie and Brad, October 2011

Jamie and Brad got married on a beautiful day in late October of 2011.  The ceremony and reception were held at a local park in Kernersville, NC and it was just perfect.  I say this often, but it was just “so them”.

Jamie and I lived together in Greensboro and she has of course been one of my best friends since.  She started dating Brad and it fit – she was very close with our other roommate Ashely, and Brad was very close with Ashley’s husband Hank.  But it didn’t just fit because of the friend connection.  They are just right together, something that is always amazing to see.

Whenever Jamie would talk about getting married, she would always say that she wanted it to be a big party with all the people she loved.  Well, she got her wish.  Their ceremony was one of the most unique and loving I’ve seen.  It was short, and they were married by Jamie’s cousin.  Their vows were perfect and included talk of Brad allowing Jamie to adopt any stray animal she came across and being “food partners” for life.  They left everyone both crying and laughing.  The reception was just the same – tons of fun with dancing and everyone celebrating their love for one another.

Jamie asked me if I would shoot their wedding and I was thrilled.  She was worried that I wouldn’t have as good a time being the photographer and a guest as opposed to just a guest.  Well, she had nothing to worry about – I had a blast just being a part of it all.

Alright, I’m getting long winded (errr I’m already there…), but, I must say it was an honor and pleasure to shoot the wedding of such great friends.  After they received their photos, Brad and Jamie’s words of thanks just really touched me.  Words like their’s make me really enjoy capturing others’ special days.

Typical Jamie!

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