Donna and Curtis

Donna is the mother of one of my best friends, a best friend since kindergarten.  So when she asked me to shoot her and Curtis’ September wedding, it only felt natural!

The two had a beautiful and laid back ceremony and reception on a neighbor’s property in Asheville.  It was a beautiful spot that seemed like it was just meant for a wedding, though this was the first one ever held there!  Oh, and there were horses involved!

I’ll get on to the photos, but I have to say, I had a lot of fun shooting this wedding.  Like I said, it was all beautiful and it was fun to be around old friends and family (my parents were there).  So, here we are…

Donna looked so pretty in her white jeans and top.

My dear friend Lauren

Grandbabies are the cutest!


2 thoughts on “Donna and Curtis

  1. How did I never see these! I saw some pics from the wedding that were yours, but there are some here that I’ve never seen! I have to send my cousins to your blog! They will love all the pics of our grandma!

    Thanks, Tye. These really are beautiful!


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