Before I post again for the first time in months, there is something I wanted to address, to honor.  This is something I’ve been going back and forth with about posting (for months now) – a blog post just seems so trivial, so out of place, impersonal, not my place. But to just let it go by quietly without doing so just doesn’t seem right either.Anyone who has read my blog in the past may remember my post about the Zeigler family.  In early June, the Zeiglers lost their youngest daughter Ella in a tragic accident near their home in Alabama.  Ella will always be such a wonderful and bright light in the lives of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her, or even knowing of her, and her family remains in our thoughts each and every day.  I cannot put into words what an amazing family they are and we hope they feel the peace and love constantly being sent their way. There is a saying that Ella’s uncle Sam has said about her, and that is “it is like Ella punched you in the face with a rainbow every time you were with her” and that is so, so true.  So, if you have a quiet moment today, or tomorrow, or next month, take some time to send the Zeiglers some positive thoughts and energy, and remember to always live your life journey like Ella did – full of joy, light and love.

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