Easter is a big holiday in my family.  Okay, who am I kidding – every holiday is a big holiday in my family.  But Easter tends to be especially fun.  For as long as I can remember we have eaten lunch at my grandmother’s and had an egg hunt.  What makes my grandmother’s egg hunts special is that almost every year there is money in the eggs…and then you have a special egg.  The special egg has your name on it, is hidden especially hard and has even more money in it.  Though it is rather exciting to find a little monetary surprise, we’re not THAT greedy – we have a blast finding our eggs and watching everyone try to find their special one.

This was my new little cousin’s (well, cousin’s daughter…first cousin once removed? Second cousin? I never know) first Easter, and she was too cute in her little frilly pink dress.  I had a very impromptu little photo shoot with her, and I can’t wait to get her for a bit more time to do some more planned shots.

There was a bring patch of light coming in through the window, making a shape on the floor.  She was adorable trying to figure out what in the world it was!

I don’t know what got her attention but seriously, look at those eyes! (I didn’t do them justice – they’re even bluer in person.)

Well hi there, model baby!

This is my grandmother’s neighbor.  Every year her parents bring her and her brother and sister to the egg hunt and they just add a lot of fun to the day.  They were big winners at this year’s hunt – my grandmother had purposefully let the grass grow super long (longest I’ve ever seen it) and by the end we were still missing about 25 eggs.  The three little neighbors got smart and took off their shoes – they could feel the eggs in the tall grass with their bare feet!

Though I love winter (there are few things I look forward to more than a good snow) I’m so excited that it’s spring time.  I can’t wait to get out more and keep shooting – evening playing around with the idea of doing a little marketing and finding some non-friend/family “clients” (aka practice subjects).  Thanks for reading, and happy spring (a little late)!

5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Tye- I was just browsing your blog and these photos are so beautiful. If you are interested I’d love to find out your rates an get you to take some shots of Jack and Zoe next time I’m home!

  2. Tye – these pics are wonderful. You will have a “paying” gig in July. Will let you know the date as soon as plans are finalized. Hope it works out. Love you!

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