New York, New York

As a little early birthday present to myself (and a New Year’s resolution fulfillment) I took a trip to New York City with two girlfriends.  I had never been to the city, even after years of people telling me I had to get there (mainly my mom, knowing me all too well).  Cindy and Brittany (wonderful bride of a previous post) were my partners in crime for a quick but awesome three day trip up north.  We took Amtrak from Greensboro, leaving very early on a Thursday morning.  After a 10 hour trip (which really didn’t feel like that long) we got into the city at about 3pm, still having plenty of time to spend on our first day.  We stayed in the New York Loft Hostel in Brooklyn, which was perfect for us.

The one thing I do regret from the trip is not taking more photos.  I think I was just so overwhelmed.  I have told myself that I will take another trip to New York, purely to indulge in the photogenic nature of the city, and give myself all the time I want just to walk around and shoot.

Here are just a few shots from the trip.  We spent a lot of time in museums (and that was really all the touristy stuff we did!), so naturally there are lot of museum shots.

The first place we went was MAD, Museum of Art and Design. Very cool place that I suggest you check out.

Cindy, trying to keep warm…and look up directions on her iphone.

This light (lamp?) was so neat.

So pretty!

For some reason I was very into the shadows.

Brittany at the MET

I loved seeing all the school groups at the museums.

In Brooklyn. Love the colors!

What a city. View from Brooklyn.

I think these little guys had actually learned to pose from all the people walking past and “awwww”ing at them.

We stopped in this really neat flea market type place. Besides bowls of buttons, they also had a huge bin of old and found photos. I spent a while there.

So, this kind of became the joke of the trip. Cindy had stayed in our hostel before and had seen this place, Roberta’s. A little weary of it (I mean really, look at the outside) she had never gone in before. She soon found out that the New York Times had done a write up on how awesome of a pizza place it was, so we all decided to venture in together. Let me just say, that was some of the best pizza I have ever had! Not to mention the inside is super cool and there’s even a secret recording studio in it. Really, if you’re ever in Brooklyn, treat yourself to some Roberta’s. You won’t be disappointed.

At the Art Museum of Brooklyn, another awesome place. As we were leaving there was a dance party going on, DJ and all. In a museum!

Not the best photo, but here are Cindy and Brittany, waiting for the subway. I had way too much fun with these two, and can’t wait to be able to spend some more time with them (maybe in New York??)

Thanks for an awesome time New York, I hope to see you again soon!

3 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Hey Tye! It’s been forever. But I love, love, love how you captured my city! 🙂 living here, I’ve gotten so jaded of the incredibly magical place that I call home!! Glad you had so much fun!

  2. You have outdone yourself again! Really cool pics of the museum… I have never been to NYC either. It looked like y”all had so much fine. Love ya!

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