The Zeigler Family

Note: please excuse the long-winded nature of this post – I tend to be a little wordy!

In the last post I started talking about the Zeigler family, but stopped, as I realized I might as well dedicate a whole post to photos of them.  Tim worked with Joey in the beginning of his Earth Fare days and they have stayed close ever since.  During that time Tim also got to know Colleen and daughter Skyla, and have always thought the world of them.  Since then Colleen and Joey have added two adorable little additions to the family, Lily and Ella.  These two little ones have been so much fun to watch grow up (and photograph).  I find that I have an overabundance of photos of them because they are just so darn cute.

Joey’s parents host a small, family oriented bluegrass festival every year in Greer, South Carolina.  The Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival is one of our favorite times of year and is the perfect opportunity for us to get together with the Zeiglers and other friends. Through the festivals we have also gotten to know Joey’s brother Sam and his (now) wife Amber. (Put them together and what do you have? Samber!) We were lucky enough to attend their wedding in May of 2010 on the beautiful Skunk Farm.  Tim and I have also taken a few trips down to Atlanta to visit the Zeiglers and always have a blast.  This whole family is really just a special crew, we just wish we could see them more!

Oh, and one more thing: Skyla isn’t the little kid she was when Tim met her so many years ago and has grown into a beautiful young lady, and an amazing fencer.  Traveling to places like Poland, Hungary, Jordan and all over the US to fence, I don’t doubt that we will be seeing her compete in future Olympic games.  She has incredible dedication and talent and we’re always so amazed to hear about her accomplishments.  And she’s only 15!

This is Joey and Ella in May of 2009. Joey and Colleen have a mulberry tree in their back yard and everyone loves to pick from it, including the kids.

Just look at that face!

Lily had definitely been eating some mulberries.

Skyla didn’t much care to hang out with the “adults”…hence the headphones!

Waiting for mom to come home.

And this is Ella in May of 2010. Lovin’ her bright colors!

This is Glynn, Joey and Sam’s father. He is also the mastermind behind the Albino Skunk Bluegrass festival a truly knows how to show folks a good time. Not to mention he is a wonderful grandfather!

I completely despise that green trash can in the back of this photo, but I’m posting it anyway! This is Colleen with the two youngest, and this to me is her in a nutshell: amazing mother, always with the little ones at her heels and handling it all with grace and calmness…and maybe a cup of coffee.

I think she cracks herself up!

It became an Ella photo-shoot.

Ella with Aunt Amber.

Lily was a little shy around me (or the camera) that weekend. Though the next time I was with her, she had definitely gotten over that!

Skip ahead a week to Samber’s wedding and here is Skyla at the reception. This is before we forced her onto the dance floor, only to be embarrassed by our awesome dance moves.

Sam and Amber’s wedding was right on the Skunk Farm and was, of course, a blast. They make a pretty good looking couple, wouldn’t you say?

Joey and Sam’s mom, Susan (on the left) is such a warm, sweet person and always makes everyone feel at home. (She even lets a couple of us who “camp” at Skunk Fest into the house in the mornings to shower, cook and do other non-camping related things.) Like Glynn, she is an amazing grandmother, and you can tell the girls really enjoy their time with her. This was in September of 2010 and Susan happened to be in Atlanta at the same time as me and Tim. This is Sam and Amber’s back deck of their adorable house. We told Sam it looked like he had a nice retro setup with the radio, tiki torch and yellow bench.

Wow, I was right, there really is an overabundance of photos of the Zeiglers….and I hope to add to that collection!  Joey and Colleen have since moved from Atlanta, and though it will take a little longer to visit them, we hope we are still able to see them often.  One of my favorite photography collections is The Brown Sisters by Nicholas Nixon.  Each year for at least 25 years, Nixon would photograph the four sisters together, resulting in beautiful portraits and timeless documents.  I have always found this project, though a simple concept, intriguing.  Perhaps I’ll start my own project, photographing Skyla, Ella and Lily once a year.  (This, however, will be news to Colleen and Joey when/if they read this, so maybe I should make sure it’s okay with them first!)

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