We have been extremely lucky to see some amazing music, especially since we have moved to Asheville.  The Orange Peel, a great venue in town, always has someone fun coming through.  We also attend a small bluegrass festival, the Albino Skunk Fest, every year in Greer, South Carolina, run by the Zeigler family on their beautiful farm.  One of the the two sons, Joey, is an old friend of Tim’s from his early Earth Fare days.  We look forward to Skunk Fest all year, not only because of the fantastic music but because of how much fun we have with everyone there.  Okay, I’m getting a little carried away – I’ll have to make a separate album for Skunk Fest and the Zeigler family, as I have lots and lots of the their family in my photo albums!

On to the music!

If you ever have the chance to see Rodrigo y Gabriela, the Mexican guitar powerhouse duo, please do. We happened upon some free tickets (my favorite kind) and the show blew us away.

You can tell I was pretty much only able to stick to one side of the stage!

This next one isn’t really photo related, and it’s a pretty awful picture, but I had to post it regardless.  My cousin Craig (there with me on the far right) and I are standing with Swedish musician Kristian Matsson (middle) of Tallest Man on Earth.  A friend introduced me to his music and I instantly fell in love, and in turn listened to him non-stop for at least a month.  He has a bit of a, raw, rustic, Bob Dylanish sound, but you really need to listen to him to appreciate it.  He played at a tiny little old-church-turned-venue in Asheville, Forsythia Hall, and we were so excited to be there, as only about 40 (give or take) tickets were sold.  Craig and I were a little star struck and had Tim take our picture with him, right after he made a silly joke about how “for the tallest man on earth, you really aren’t very tall”.  Yeesh.

And on to Spring Skunk Fest, May, 2010.  I only have a couple to post, but they are of a really entertaining Australian band, the Red Hot Poka Dots.  They have a great unique and funky sound and a tiny little pink haired lead vocalist and bass player.  This girl would stand up on her bass to play it and she was brought on stage (and off) on one of Glen Zeigler’s plastic horses.  Hilarious. (Too bad I don’t have a shot of the horse ridin’, but I do have a short video of Glen Zeigler, SkunkFest Master, holding said plastic horse.  When I upgrade to be able to add videos, I’ll be sure to do that!)

“Slappin’ da bass”

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